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Soundcloud on that bullshit!

So, I tried to log in to my Soundcloud and it like auto-created a new account with my E-mail... I can still access the profile with the URL. But I can't log in to post or edit anything. Has anyone ever experienced the same thing?

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I'll upload EVERYTHING I create on there from now on.

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Thanks for your purchase. You are feeding a hungry musician! 

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Lease and contact information


 -Receive a download link instantly.
- Independently sell up to 5,000 copies.
 -1 independent commercial usage.
 -Cannot publish with b.m.i., ascap, etc..
 -Must give credit to Gimme (Prod. Gimme)



 -Track Outs (.Wav stems) Sent Within 24 hours.
 -Receive a download link instantly.
 -Independently sell unlimited copies.
 -Unlimited commercial usages.
 -Must give credits to (prod. Gimme) on all titles
 -50% publishing rights with bmi, ascap, etc..
 -Gimme owns 50% of the publishing rights.